May 23, 2009



Redfern After


Redfern Before

Turning a boring builder generic bathroom doesn’t need to be scary and/or expensive. Dressing it up with decorative touches is all you may need to put your stamp on it. I’ve been in too many homes that the owner has spent tons of time and money furnishing, then you go in the bathroom and its just blah, just as the day they moved in. Here are a couple makeovers I’ve done for our clients.

To achieve the glamourous and intimate look our client desired we started with a large blue and silver damask wallpaper to bring the walls in, then we dropped a crystal chandelier to bring the ceiling down. The mirrors which seemed huge outside of the space actually bring the room in too. The bathroom now feels spacious and intimate at the same time.

         Lomes Powder Bath                                                                                                                            

Powder Before 1 copyThis Powder Bath in an old colonial house outside of Boston needed little bit of contractor assistance to replace old plumbing fixtures and rebuild old built in cabinets. Aside from that, its the same as the bathroom above we used wallpaper, a decorative mirror, and a petit chandelier to give the Powder Room an updated style. 

Here are a few simple fixes for updating:

Wallpaper – A Powder Bath is a nice place to start if you have a fear of wallpaper.  

Paint – I (obviously) love wallpaper, but it may not always work. Bathrooms need to be repainted more often, so go for it in there and use a great color that you may be afraid to use elsewhere or will tire of more quickly. You can paint all the trim the same color, or paint it a contrasting color from the ret of your home. Bead board in bathrooms doesn’t have to be white, paint it a darker color, then a sheer light color on the top. But remember to use colors that work with your skin tone if this is the room you will getting ready in. 

Decorative Mirrors – I’ve stopped defaulting to that pivot mirror from Restoration Hardware. Not that its a bad mirror, but doing something unique really gives the room some style. 

Cabinet Hardware – Replacing cabinet hardware can drastically improve a bathroom, and since there aren’t as many cabinets as a kitchen its a fairly inexpensive improvement. 

Lighting – Get a cool, unique light fixture! No more boring warehouse home improvement store “just for now” fixtures in the bathroom. There is so much great lighting out there for all budgets.

Artwork – You don’t need too much (sometimes you don’t need any), just something to complement what you have going on. You can always artfully display towels on hooks and shelves. The porcelain wall sculpture we used in the Powder Bath is really great in bathrooms with moisture.